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Nature's Paradise Health retreat and spa is Western Australia's only health retreat,

and is adult's only.


Since 2013, we have created and evolved a purpose built retreat, an abode of peace and harmony with nature, a range of services that lift mind, body and spirit, and to combat the hectic modern world that surrounds us which can place stresses on the human body.

We provide a place to either rejuvenate your health or to simply enjoy a wonderful relaxing health retreat.

Our unique point of difference is how we provide a personalised one on one experience in all sessions including exercise, Lifestyle coaching, meditation & more. We also have some unique specialty services.

Spending time outdoors, especially in green spaces, is one of the fastest ways to improve your health and happiness. It's been shown to promote anti -cancer immunity plus lower stress, blood pressure and heart rate, while encouraging physical activity and buoying mood and mental health.

We are very convenient for Western Australian's without having to travel too far ( just 45 min from CBD) to experience a quality health retreat along with our unique services and expertise. For guests in other states we welcome you to WA to experience our health retreat- and we can also pick up and return from the airport.

We are also independent in critical thinking and not sponsored or paid by anyone. We believe in providing the best available information with high integrity and ethics.

We can also help in very specific areas of human health.

For example, we understand that falls are the leading cause of injury deaths for those 65 years and over. Fortunately, we have the expertise to offer solutions to help address this major problem. 

Our food is the healthiest you will eat anywhere. We organically grow a lot of our own produce as well as locally sourced, many of which is rare including outstanding nutrient density. Yet, we still manage to create food with great taste without compromising nutrition. We provide a combination of cooked and raw food, awesome juices and smoothies, specialist dried detox herbs, teas and filtered rainwater from our tanks. For most of our guests, the experience is refreshing and holistically appreciated as they do not experience such food on a regular basis.

Our comfortable modern world including 'conveniences' and 'technology' has increasingly placed human health in a vulnerable unstable state. It is for this reason Natures Paradise has the expertise to provide the best knowledge and services to provide individuals with the best chance of 'long term sustainable wellness'.

When guests immerse themselves in our retreats, not only do they experience positive shifts during the retreat, but they can also take away new ideas and plans to implement within their own lifestyle.


Located in one of the most pristine regions of the world, Natures Paradise is secluded on a hilltop with incredible tree top views and surrounded by thousands of hectares of State & National Parks, the historical Mundaring Weir, along with some of the states top walk trails & bicycle tracks.

Natures Paradise is award winning and is the first retreat in Australia to create a natural Swimming pond with water as fresh and clean as a mountain stream free of any chemicals. It is like taking a swim in nature, as nature intended whilst being surrounded by nature with the sweets sounds of birds, the forest and running water.


High quality water is important, so we have created a rainwater supply to collect and purify for superb tasting and healthiest drinking water.

In addition to this, most of the year guests can also expect a unique and luxurious experience by showering and bathing in pure clear rainwater with no chemicals for healthier body and hair.

 Most of all, we want you to feel better when you leave than when you arrived. 

As we are passionate about healthy longevity feel free to check out the 'Blue Zones' link below.


Feel free to read an article from Neil in 2023.


Co founder  - Neil Whyte


Neil is a true leader and balanced in both health & fitness.

Intensively trained from the likes of the CHEK institute and human movement, Neil has been highly sought after as a specialist functional core fitness trainer working with the likes of WAIS athletes, professional boxers, AFL footballers etc as well as back rehabilitation and people who require 'balance' programs. He also works with people with neurological disorders and Alzheimers disease. 

Neil has studied and respected the original pioneers of Swiss ball training and therapy of the 1960's, 70's and 80's from the likes of Beate Carriere and Susan Klein- Vogelbach.


Neil is also a specialist international Swiss ball performer since 1999 and continues to wow audiences with his unique skills.

He currently hold's 4 different Swiss ball Guinness world records, and appears on some of the worlds largest TV shows to more than 500 million people to date.

Please also visit :


FALLS are the leading cause of injury deaths amongst people aged 65 years and over. Injury deaths are the fourth leading cause of death in people aged 65 years and older after heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease. Therefore, Neil places and important emphasis on balance and stability. Guests have the opportunity to learn from Neil's extensive expertise in this crucial aspect of functionality in life.

Neil is highly influenced from those who live a natural life of disease free, disability free and drug free longevity.

Our retreat  models itself on many of these behaviours that can easily be learnt and implemented into our daily lives.

Neil is a passionate health researcher, food grower and seeker of the highest nutritional foods for strong immunity and healthy longevity. 


Jenny Whyte - Co founder

Jenny follows her passion of encouraging and inspiring others to follow their dreams. Jenny's philosophy of living in harmony surrounded by nature fits perfectly at Natures Paradise health and eco retreat.

Jenny originally ran a successful ladies gym in the 80's and 90's followed by a career in beauty and wellness ever since including the creation of  a well established wellness centre.

She has taken her past success and combined this with a new love of meditation and sound therapy for guests which achieves outstanding success at Natures Paradise.

Jenny, along with Neil, are passionate in the kitchen to provide the healthiest, creative and tastiest meals to improve positive healthy vibrancy.

Meagan Bell - Yoga specialist

Meg believes that when you open up space in your body, you open up space in your mind.  This practise helps you to release judgement and regret, enabling you to experience life and pleasure with abundance.


Aerial Yoga, Restorative and Thai Yoga Massage are techniques that open the mind and create space in the body by releasing compression and keeping your spine flexible.  It helps with joint mobility and whole body alignment.  A beautiful combination to make you feel happier and healthier.


Kylie Smyth  
Massage specialist

Kylie began massaging over 20 years ago in California , U.S.A. With her Grand Uncle being a masseuse for the ANZAC's it is safe to say that  bodywork is in her blood. Kylie has had her own mobile massage business and has worked alongside Personal trainers, professional athletes, Chiropractors, Physios, acupuncturists and naturopaths. As well as finishing a number of courses, most recently at the Australian Massage School in Melbourne, Kylie has now found her niche. She has formed a clarity in her own massage technique which is a flexible and intuitive style accommodating each individual's needs. Kylie's aim is to have each person leaving her table feeling lighter, more relaxed, intune and flowing again.


Melroy Fernandes


Melroy is our brand and marketing expert.

Because we function through the power of 'Nature', we need Melroy to keep us alive and well in the digital world.

Melroy does a great job at helping people find us and to ultimately experience the benefits of our health retreat.

Milind Kansara
Garden and grounds maintenance

Milind is our fabulous gardener who keeps our grounds looking wonderful.

Milind has held the full time profession in Horticulture since 2009 having completed his diploma in Brisbane. He loves gardening and especially planting and enjoys seeds sprouting. ( so do we).

Maria Sardi
Professional cleaner

Maria is our fantastic housekeeper and day retreat assistant.

A loyal and long time fan of Natures Paradise ( has stayed 15 times) having rediscovered her own health, she brings her incredible positivity through our health retreat. 

Chloelle Lynes
Professional Massage therapist

Over the years, Chloelle has developed a passion for bodywork and her aim is to assist others in connecting more deeply to their physical bodies. Using a holistic approach, her Massage Therapy sessions also work to balance the emotional and energetic bodies, leaving clients feeling empowered and rejuvenated. Integrating a client-centered approach, she works to nurture each unique body, whilst gently relieving tension and strain through a variety of techniques and strokes. Throughout each session a safe space of harmony is created, to unwind in and let the pressures of everyday life melt away. Chloelle looks forward to working with you and welcoming you into a journey of tranquillity and healing. 

Laula Perey
Professional Massage therapist

Laula is our longest serving team member and enjoys placing our guests in a state of bliss during her deep tissue or hot stone massages.

She also has created her own line of ethical feather jewellery.



 A Naturopath balances caring and science to aim at the cause of the imbalance/dis-ease to empower the individual to bring things back to a healthy/holistic balance using means that connect body, mind and spirit. 

This is done via a thorough assessment, taking into consideration all signs, symptoms, test results, health history, diet, lifestyle, nail, tongue, iris signs, blood type, ayurvedic doshas, TCM and other knowledge.

This will then show you how all of these are interconnected.   People benefit initially from the first consult as they are able to come away with an understanding of what the causative factors are and how the causes can be addressed.  This can give the client a total plan to resolve most of their health issues and how to keep themselves healthy in the future.  She is able to help with all types of disease acute, chronic, mild and severe. 

Anna Laki
Professional Cleaner

Anna is a valuable member of our team.

Her attention to detail and energy is inspiring. 

Anna loves to work at Natures Paradise and to see that guests are comfortable in their rooms after she completes the room preparation, and also looks after all internal and external areas of the retreat.

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