All retreats are 'private' and can be booked anytime, subject to availability.

You can choose your own number of nights and create your own package ( min 2 nights).


Stress free retreat 

For those who need to escape from some of life's challenges for a little while, recharge, rest and recover.

This all inclusive retreat includes a relaxing aromatherapy massage 60 min, one 60 min sound and meditation session, one outdoor whirlpool mineral bath with essential oils and two infra red sauna all healthy plant based meals, filtered rainwater to drink, rainwater showers/ baths, health teas, juices and smoothies.

Also includes access to our library( DVD's/ books/ jigsaws), swim pond and gym.

2 nights

Chi room $999 single / $1599 double

Yin Yang room $1199 single / $1799 double

Meridian spa room $1399/$1999 double 

Premium Stress free retreat 4 nights 

- One mineral bath 20 min

- one meditation session 45 min

- 90 min aromatherapy massage 

- Clay foot scrub and foot massage 60 min

- Face and head massage 30 min

- Sound bath session 45 min

- Swiss ball stretch session 30 min

- One Chakra balancing session 75 min

- Guided forest walk 60 min

- unlimited access to infra red sauna

- optional art therapy and jigsaws available.

- Complimentary airport pick up and return for domestic/ international guests.


Premium stress free 4 nights 

Yin yang room $1999 ( single)

Meridian spa room  $3499 ( double) 

Call Neil on 0412 977 487 or book online:




Detox Retreat 


This effective retreat is to focus on cleansing the body both inside and out by focusing on the four emunctories or elimination channels of the body( Skin, colon, lungs/respiratory and kidneys/ urine) plus the lymphatic system. 

The skin brushing cleans the skin, clears away dead skin cells and improves blood flow.

The infra red sauna helps to cleanse and release impurities and fat through sweat. 

Forest walks will help boost your metabolism, lymphatic system and activates key muscles and burns fat.

Our purified rainwater to drink along with our clean organic food will help cleanse and purify on the inside including the blood, digestive system and colon.

A full body lymphatic massage is designed to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Many guests also include a complete 'digital detox' or at least significantly less time spent on digital devices.

This all inclusive retreat includes accommodation, two infra red sauna sessions, one full body lymphatic massage 60 min, one full body skin brushing 50 min and one private 60 min exercise session ; plus healthy detox style nutrition with options of juices, soups, salads, smoothies, detox teas, filtered rainwater to drink and rainwater showers/ baths.

Also includes access to our library( books/ DVD's), swim pond and gym.

2 nights

Chi room $999 single / $1599 double

Yin Yang room $1199 single / $1799 double

Meridian spa room $1399/$1999 double

5 nights

Yin yang room $2499

- All healthy detox meals, detox teas, three private exercise sessions 60 min each, access to infra red sauna for healthy cleanse/ sweat to rid toxins and fat, one kitchen lesson 60 min, lifestyle consultation session 60 min, one 50 min skin brush and one full body lymphatic massage 60 min. 


Premium Detox retreat 4 nights 

- Full body lymphatic massage 90 min.

- one full body skin brushing 50 min.

- one outdoor detox mineral bath 20 min.

- Detox foot clay scrub and foot massage 60 min.

- Unlimited access to infra red sauna 30 - 45 min each.

- Two private exercise sessions 60 min each.

- complimentary airport pick up and return for domestic/ international guests.

Yin yang room $1999 ( single)  

Meridian spa room $3499 ( double)

Call Neil on 0412 977 487 or book online:




Ultimate Yoga retreat



This fantastic retreat is led by our Yoga master specialist Meg who conducts aerial Yoga, Aerial yoga restorative, Mat Yoga and Thai Yoga massage.

If you book the 2 night retreat there will be one 60 min aerial Yoga session, One 60 min Mat Yoga session and one 60 min Thai Yoga massage plus one meditation/sound therapy session.

During the 4 night retreats there will be 2 Aerial yoga sessions, 2 Mat Yoga sessions and one 60 min Thai Yoga massage plus 2 Meditation/ sound sessions. For more description and details about Aerial Yoga and Thai Yoga massage, please contact us.

For the more active person we recommend:

1 hour Aerial Yoga session, 1 hour Thai Yoga Massage and 1 hour mat Yoga session.

For the person who is looking for total bliss and relaxation we recommend:

1 hour Aerial Restorative Yoga session, 1 hr Thai Yoga Massage and 1 hr mat Slow Flow Yoga.

Includes all healthy plant based organic meals, snacks, teas, filtered rainwater.

Rainwater showers and baths.

Access to library, gym and swim pond.

Also includes a special bonus outdoor mineral bath and access to our Infra red sauna.

2 nights

Chi room single $999 ( single)

Yin yang room $1199 (single)

Meridian spa room ( 2 persons) $1899

4 nights

Chi room $1799 ( single)

Yin yang room $1999 ( single)

Meridian Spa room ( 2 persons) $2999


To book or make an enquiry please contact us or phone Neil on 0412 977 487.




Spa relaxation health retreat 2 nts 



Experience a glorious relaxing spa retreat in the heart of nature with sensational healthy meals and drinks.

Kick back and let us do all the work for you.

Why go to the city and stare at some walls and a clock when you can immerse yourself in the sweet sounds of running water from our ponds, the visual tranquility of our gardens, ponds, wildlife and forest. 

Deluxe facial 75 min

Full body aromatherapy massage 60 min

Two infra red sauna sessions 30 min each

One outdoor mineral bath 20 min

Sound bowls relaxation session 60 min

Includes all healthy meals, snacks and beverages.

Rainwater showers and baths.

Access to library, gym and swim pond.

$999 in our Yin yang room ( single)



Call Neil on 0412 977 487 or book online:


Weight loss retreat 

Come and experience our unique weight loss retreat. We are passionate to help you succeed.

So how do humans actually lose fat? Well, over 95% of health and fitness professionals don't even know the real answer to the question. We do, along with giving you the tools you need to give you the best opportunity for long term success.

Key benefits of coming to our weight loss retreat:

  • A private retreat for greater results.​

  • Our focus is YOU and personalised.

  • The people who own the retreat run the retreat including over 60 years full time experience and expertise.

  • We will teach you what the vast overwhelming majority of people ( including health professionals) don't know about successful long term weight loss.

  • Specialist boutique purpose built health retreat.

  • Shared ( with a friend) and private accommodation 

  • Outstanding value


This retreat also takes a close look and mimics many of the same habits of communities of the healthiest longest living people in the world. These traditional populations of people maintain the same weight their entire lives.

We have been practicing many of these habits for many years ourselves to maintain healthy bodyweight and also has the ability to also reverse medical conditions and prevent chronic disease that continues to rise in the western world.

What is included in the retreat?

  • All healthy plant based organic cuisine, filtered rainwater, smoothies, juices, teas.

  • One kitchen lesson

  • Private consultation session

  • Strategic lifestyle planning session

  • Take home Information manual

  • Daily  exercise sessions tailored to your ability

  • One  full body 50 min skin brushing session

  • one 60 min  full body lymphatic massage

  • Unlimited Infra red sauna

  • well being lifestyle seminar

  • rainwater showers

Plus you have complimentary access to our library with health books/ Health DVD's, gym and swim pond.

Chi room 6 nights $2499

Yin yang room 6 nts $2999 single  

Yin yang room 12 nts $5499 single

Meridian spa room ( shared 2 people) 6 nts $3999/ 12 nts $6999

Call Neil on 0412 977 487 or book online:



Retreat 4 nights 

This popular retreat has a focus on facilitating the releasing of energy blocks that are all around us.

There is also a focus on creating intentions to provide wellness harmony.

There will be two sessions per day ( 8 sessions).

  • Guided meditation

  • Silent meditation

  • Forest meditation

  • Sound meditation

  • Healing meditation

  • Mindfulness meditation

Also included is a 60 minute aromatherapy massage.

A Chakra balancing session is also available as an optional extra.

This retreat is ideal if you are experiencing some stresses in life.

Also includes all high nutrient organic plant based meals and drinks plus rainwater showers.

Chi room - $1999 single 4 nights

Call Neil on 0412 977 487 or book online:

Intensive wellness transformation 


For those who are serious about turning their health around with a dedicated aim to extend life.

This is a unique 3 month intensive program like no other. For those who have at least one of the following and wants to reverse it completely - type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity.

Stage one - 21 nights Natures Paradise

Stage two - 21 nights Ubud, Bali

Stage three - 14 nights Natures Paradise

Stage four - 7 nights Natures Paradise

In between each stage is a 7 night interval where you apply the principles and lessons learnt into your own lifestyle. The program involves detailed one on one coaching and support throughout by Neil Whyte including strategic planning, high performance wellness coaching, practical and theory lessons. 

This entire program has an intensive focus on proven scientific habits of populations of healthy centenarians in various parts of the world who all share  several common traits.

All healthy meals and drinks, all accommodation and the entire program is included in this three month life changing program which will ultimately prove health is at least, if not more important, than wealth.

We have created three different priced retreats.

Option A. Above program $39,000.

Option B. 21 nights at Natures paradise intensive program, all meals, accommodation $9999

Option C. 21 nights at a resort in Ubud Bali that Neil is affiliated with - an intensive program with him, all meals, quality private 60 sq metres accommodation $14999.

Please contact Neil on 0412 977 487.


Cancer Wellness/recovery retreat 

"Hi Jenny and Neil, Just thought I’d let you know about my blood liver function numbers have improved with most being in the normal zone and my cancer makers have dropped 200 points.  Needless to say my Oncologist was very happy. Unfortunately my white cells had dipped below the normal range so I have to have another injection.  I also saw my cbd Doctor and she thought I looked brighter and my skin was a better colour. She said it was a good idea (going to the retreat) and that I should do it regularly.

The magic is happening!


I have ordered some Moringa powder from Organic Veda and have looked at Louise Plant’s website.  I am not sure which herbs would be best and welcome your suggestions.


All in all I am ecstatic with the results and feel empowered to continue with the regime you introduced me to."


Thank you!

Kind regards,

Janine xxx

We have the perfect program following cancer treatment or even a great retreat during your treatment to be at our retreat for optimal mind and body therapy. 

You have the options of the following during your stay:

Organic Whole food plant based meals..all super nutrient meals supplied.

Lifestyle consultation session.

Kitchen lessons and recipes.

Optional juices, smoothies and special dried herbs.

Filtered rainwater to drink and rainwater showers/ baths.

Unique immune boosting teas.

Forest walks.

Specific tailored exercise in the gym.

Lymphatic massage.

Skin brushing.

Mineral bath salts and seaweed.

Meditation sessions.

Infra red sauna sessions.

Sound therapy sessions.

Natural swim pond.

Library full of health books and Health DVD's.

The sounds, smell and visual power of nature.

Yin Yang room 6 nights $2999 ( single)/ 12 nights $4999 ( single)

Please note that if your support partner or carer would like to be with you, they will only be charged $750 for 6 nights or $1250 for 12 nights. This is our kindness to cancer patients.


Call Neil on 0412 977 487 for more information.


Yoga Day retreat 9 - 5pm

 Experience our fantastic unique Yoga day retreat led by a our master Yoga instructor Meg and       Swiss ball master and multiple Guinness world record holder, Neil Whyte.

 9.00am Juice on arrival

 9.30am  Yoga ball session

 10.45am Aerial Yoga session

 12 noon Organic plant based lunch

 1.00pm Mat Yoga session

 2.15pm Meditation and sound bowls

 3.30pm Afternoon tea


Minimum 2  persons - Max 4 persons

Cost $399 per person

Group corporate retreat (6 -15 people) 

9am Arrival with green juice

9.30am Group forest walk

11.00am Mat Yoga session

12.15pm Healthy organic lunch

1.00 pm Wellness seminar

2.00pm Swiss ball group fun exercise session

3.00pm Group Sound & meditation session

4.00pm Afternoon tea

Cost $195 per person

Please contact Neil to book on 0412 977 487 or send us a message on our contact page.



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Please note there are no refunds once deposits or full payment is made. However,

if unforeseen circumstances were to arise requiring to reschedule, we are very fair and always willing to help.

If you reschedule beyond 14 days of your retreat date, no fee is required to reschedule.

However, a 15% fee of the total booking will be charged to reschedule if cancelled between 7 -14 days.

If no show or cancellation occurs within one week of arrival date, 100% of the total booking fee may apply.