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Not all Swiss balls are created equal.

The Maxball is the rolls royce of Swiss balls. Avoid the the vast majority of swiss balls as they are made from standard PVC, and are not designed for safety or performance. Even most balls in gyms, Physios etc are cheap Swiss balls. Just because a health professional, fitness shop or sports shop sells Swiss balls, doesn't necessarily mean they are good.

Maxballs have a tested University rating of 800kg dynamic load test, which is a true test of Swiss ball strength. 

As used by Neil Whyte, the world's leading Swiss ball performer and multiple guinness world record holder.

- Free postage anywhere in Australia.

Maxball Swiss ball 55cm black

SKU: 364215375135191
  • The best money can buy. As used by Neil Whyte, the world's premier swiss ball performing artist and multiple Swiss ball world record holder.

    Features anti slip dimpled surface.

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