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A Smarter Weight Loss Retreat For Perth


Take control of your life with Natures Paradise. Our retreat gives you access to the guidance you need to achieve your goals, helping you get your journey to your target weight back on track. From total transformations to crucial support on getting over the last obstacle between you and your objective, we’ve got the support you need.


We understand that with so little time to exercise and prepare healthy food, many people unfortunately live a sedentary life supported by an unhealthy diet. Our therapists want to help you escape the cycle. Our weight loss retreats are offered as package deals, including all meals, a personalised exercise program, spa sessions and private education, giving you everything you need to start a new chapter of health.  Spread over six nights, it’s the perfect way to make a clean break with your old, unhealthy way of living.


Everything you need to succeed


Natures Paradise is well-named – nestled in the greenery of Mundaring east of Perth, it offers a truly tranquil environment for you to begin your transformation. Embark on your journey supported by our experienced and understanding team, who will work closely with you to ensure you’re heading down the right path for your unique body.


Book your weight loss retreat today and discover why Natures Paradise is one of WA’s favourite spas. Send us your questions at or through our contact page, or call our co-founder Neil on 0412 977 487 and know you’re making the right choice for you.

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